Cork: Ancient City Reborn

Chartered in 1185 by King Henry, Cork City has been captured for the first time in digital 3D.

As never seen before

The City is represented through Images/videos/maps (mobile apps/3D prints coming soon)

Explore the City

Our graphic interface creates a faster, better web experience for both visitors and locals.

Photographic Models

Buildings can be represented in photographic imagery, both interior and exterior, on request.

We've covered a lot of ground

Our extensive digital Model covers 1.7km diameter circle around Cork's City Centre.

Experience Cork City:

Cork City Maps

Cork City Maps

View & Download the most graphically informative maps of Cork City ever produced
Cork City Virtual Tours

Cork City Virtual Tours

Video Tours of Cork in Digital 3D
Cork City Shop

Cork City Shop

Original Cork City memorabilia. Coming Soon!